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WHAT IS DOWN THE LINE? Down The Line is one of the oldest forms of clay shooting. It is a great discipline for beginners as it gives you many targets to nbreak and also teaches the importance of concentration on the shooting circuit. A round usually consists of 25 targets, which are fired away from the shooter. The shooter stands 16 yards behind the firing house, where they will fire at the rising targets. There are 5 firing positions and even though the targets rise they do so at a constant angle. However, the targets are fired randomly across the horizontal plane, the maximum arc is around 44 degrees.

HOW IS DOWN THE LINE SHOT? Each competitor must shoot from each firing point, and a total of 5 clays will be launched at each of these points. The order of the firing points is so that when the competitor has shot, they would move to the next position on their right. If a shooter is on position 5 they will go to 1. The shooter usually calls for each target with the gun already in their shoulder, and has two shots to break the target.

HOW IS DOWN THE LINE SCORED? Three points are awarded for breaking a target on the first barrel, whilst only two points are awarded for breaking the target with the second barrel shot. Big competitions can consist of 4 rounds making up 100 targets, a perfect score would see 300 points from 100 targets. It is possible to win a competition by breaking fewer clays than other competitors, two first barrel kills is the equivalent of three second barrel kills.

WHAT IS THE BEST GUN FOR DOWN THE LINE? A trap gun is the most suitable for such an event no matter what level you are shooting at. A common set-up would be a ¾ or full choke that is set to shoot slightly higher than center. This will aid the shooter to put the target inside the pattern, if the clay is positioned slightly above the foresight bead. If the only gun available is a sport, an alternative set-up can be made with a multichoke using the tightest tubes.

WHAT IS THE BEST CARTRIDGE FOR DOWN THE LINE? A recommended load of 28gr. would normally consist of size 7 ½ shot using a plastic wad. However an 8 in the first barrel is also a possibility, it is just down it personal preference. A round will see a competitor shooting stints of length at a quick speed. A load with average recoil will be suitable, and a soft recoil cartridge in the second barrel will allow a quick second shot. High performance 24gr. cartridges have a tighter pattern than the 28gr. and these are intended for international trap.

A SAFETY TIP FOR DOWN THE LINE Always have an unloaded gun when walking between firing positions.